The pieces displays in this pages are limited edition, so need to confirmed about available items. The piece can made duplicated but the detail can not exact same because this piece produce by hand made and depend on the material. Feel free to contact us for question and inquiries.


The beauty of nature and culture make Bali as a tourist paradise world. Art became one of the attractions for travelers, ranging from dance, sculpture, carving, also painting. For you lovers, sculpture and carving in wood and stone media would have been normal. However, did you enjoy art with bone media?

The Mighty Dragon : Moose Horn : USD 350

Tampak Siring’s tourist areas located in Gianyar – Bali, besides known as Tampak Siring Palace, also known as bone carving craft centers in Bali. From the skilled hands of the craftsman, various themes of works of art produced from animal bone material. Starting from bone waste utilization cattle and buffalo, the Tampak Siring’s craftsmen conjure up the waste into a variety of unique shapes and high value.

SKULL ANGEL : Moose Horn : USD 350

Bones are in use craft-mans ranging from fish bones, bones of cattle, buffalo, horns, until ivory. For them, the bones better than wood, because it has a different degree of hardness. And each piece of animal’s bone, has its own level of complexity.

The Mighty Dragon : Mammouth : USD 350

Bone Carving Crafts motif should Innovative
Crafts bone in Bali during these days not booming like a few years ago. Many of the constraints faced by start of raw materials to design monotonous. Therefore, the need to innovate craft bone carving motifs. Business people argue that Bali artisans craft artificial bone actually very popular foreign and domestic markets. But, unfortunately, so many products offered on the market according to the buyer. Motif carvings and designs offered relatively little.

The Mighty Dragon : Moose Horn : USD 500

For bone craft market is generally from domestic and foreign travelers. Thus, the demand leading to a mini size, varied models, up to an affordable price. Constraints are craftsmen with her bones for carving motifs and designs. To meet the demand of foreign markets, in fact necessary to design creativity and carving varied. If it is met not rule Bali bone craft could boom back in the market.

Flying Dragon
The Mighty Dragon : Mammouth : USD 350