United Color of The Arts

Group Exhibition
April, 17th 2011 – April 30th, 2011
Resto Bumbu Desa Renon, Denpasar – Bali
By : Bambang Adi Pramono

In the current era of information technology, the link between art products that one can not be released with the other art products. It’s all touch each other, related, related to each other even twisted so as to create a new art product.

Sculpture, painting, graphic art, art photography and other arts collaborate to meet the desires of artistic activity individually or in the order. Trending branch of art is combined to create new things.

Travel art is a reflection of social reality in which art is growing and developing, not only has the function of art as a mirror of civilization, but also a means for survival.

In a way, art which is applied to everyday life (applied art), never mind no stranger to the community, the product of this art breathes with the dynamics of the community and industry. While the nature of art products for individual satisfaction (fine art) is only enjoyed by some people who know and find out about art. Art is an individual who inhabits galleries, museums and the homes of collectors who in reality is a prison for the artworks.

Looking at developments in art over the sometimes need for art performers attempt to build a communicative interaction between the artist and society, in terms of public space as a means of fostering a creative space to create art in the community for interconnected, and each fills the human mind to another dimension of encountered in these public spaces.

Unless gallery, museum and art space, which is specifically designed for art exhibition facilities, malls, restaurants and public spaces that others will be closer psychologically, because it is more familiar, between artists and society.

The objective of this exhibition is to provide opportunities for artists and communities to further develop its communication intense in the arena that is more familiar to most people. Artists will be morally accountable for his art and society will try to understand and realize fully, so that they can properly assess the work of art that I enjoy.

In the end, art and society is an important element in the development of art. They were always together shoulder to shoulder to create and build a civilization.

Hopefully, this exhibition is pleasing to us all.

Chairman of the committee,
Bambang Adi Pramono

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