Launching of on August 31th, 2010

On August 31st 2010, held at the KAYU GALLERY, Jalan Raya Kangetan, Desa Singakerta, Kecamatan Ubud, Propinsi Bali – INDONESIA, has officially launched virtual gallery The launch was attended by art community around Ubud, gallery manager and a few collectors who was in Bali. With opened of first page of by Mr. Herman Gunardi, one art collector who was in Bali, has officially launched.

At the launch event was also held informal discussion about: THE ROLE OF VIRTUAL WORLD FOR PUBLICATION’S ART WORKS by audiences as a speaker which was moderated by Bambang Adi Pramono.

As has been known that soft launching on August 19th 2010. After soft launching art society input on how can be more positive role of art in the world, especially in finding a solution to the overlapping role of the curator, galleries, art dealers, collectors, museums, art critic and art academies in Indonesia. is a virtual gallery which is the alternative of a conventional gallery, which is physically present real art work from the artists. Art work that exhibited at can be valued directly by the public. Value of the objectivity of the artwork is fully restored to the community through the existing mechanisms of Information-Technology virtual world.

Basically, try to give a more balanced role between the rights of the artist displays his artwork and the right of public to determine their choice of artworks that interested by them without going through the mechanisms or processes that are common. Let the artist be a curator for himself. Let the public judge whether the art work presented quality or not.
In this era of information-technology, where there are acceleration of global communication, art lovers not only spoiled by the exhibitions of art works presented by conventional galleries. But art lovers are also spoiled by taste, heart and eyes to artworks that there is a virtual world.

Among the bustle of art lovers, they can be instantly ‘wanted’ artworks that would be seen as his own virtual world. Process of ‘love’ and ‘desire to have a’ with immediately its just can be anticipated by information-technology-transportation era. Let the community determine the choice of artworks that interested him, whether to be enjoyed, collected, or used as investment prize or gift. Some facilities are given in this information-technology-transportation era will be utilized by as their sales tools.

The value of an artwork contained in the artworks themselves; rights of artists displaying works; rights society (art lovers) to objectively judge the work of art; Accelerate information-technology-transportation, are a few things that underlie the launch
In the end, history will record whether a ‘space’ which is ideal for artists, communities, and also for all matters relating to the dimensions of art: curator, art lovers, gallery, museum, art critics, collectors, art dealers and art academy …
the time that will be prove.

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